Describe your most recent zine.

My most recent zine is Frankie Comics #1: a collection of comic strips based on interactions with my cat, Frankie. I started the strip as a exercize while I was in grad school. It accidentally gained a following online, so I’ve decided to keep doing it. At least for a little while longer.

Name three of your influences and how they affected your work.

A lot of my recent focus has been on the technical aspects of simple, visual storytelling. Artists who cartoon simply, utilizing the grid when laying out their pages. Over the last few month, I keep going back to Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson, Primates by Maris Wicks, and A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting by Guy Delisle. While they’re three very different types of stories, they all successfully utilize simple visual styles to tell a story quickly and without much dialog. Which I appreciate.

Read the rest at the LA Zine Fest blog!

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